About 3DTM

We are a completely independent company. Each of it’s members works from home. We use online tools in cloud to add the parts to the whole.

The group was formed to develop a game in the course of AXIS Gnomon Unreal Engine, from there we decided to continue the game as a professional goal to enter the Brazilian market Games.

The Team:

The development team of Room404 is:

Danilo Nunes – Environment Design
Danilo Tomaz – Environment Design, Level Designer, Unreal Blueprints
Danielle Bori – Material Design, Gameplay, and Environment.
Marcel Toma – Programmer and Unreal Blueprints
Teo Oliver – Sound Design, Music and Writing.

Why is it relevant:

The Brazilian market is growing a lot, but still suffers from the lack of quality of the games produced locally, due to the lack of technology available on the market or difficulty encountered in the “rules” of Brazilian production, but of course, there are exceptions.

Brazil is the fourth largest game consumer in the world but still has a very small share on the production side. This game will meet the need of making games of the highest quality in Brazil, showing that we can start thinking big … not only in matter of graphics and gameplay, as in the script, development and audiovisual.

The game has been designed from the outset to be compatible with VR.




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